How We Work

IE Softworks, LLC was formed in 2015 to identify the convergence of need, technology and legislation in the electric sector, growing innovative ideas into profitable ventures. We believe that simple, cost effective ideas on a massive scale will help customers and utilities integrate renewable resources for a brighter tomorrow.  Our first proof of concept is currently being vetted by a utility partner.  After this we will be looking for partners to scale throughout California, the United States and the rest of the world.

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  • How Alternative Battery Makers Are Trying to Compete With Lithium-Ion

    Post Date : 30/04/2017
    How Alternative Battery Makers Are Trying to Compete With Lithium-Ion. Hint: It's all about cost... See more >>
  • Republicans Join in Historic 33% Renewable Energy Vote in California

    Post Date : 24/01/2016
    Today, the heavily (52-28) Democratic majority in the California Assembly voted easily to approve, by 59 to 19, one .. See more >>
  • 50% Renewable Electricity Passed By California Senate

    Post Date : 26/01/2016
    The California Senate recently passed SB 350, legislation that sets a goal of 50% electricity from renewables in the Golden State by 2030. The bill doesn't stop there.. See more >>
  • California Passes Huge Grid Energy Storage Mandate

    Post Date : 25/01/2016
    California's status as the vanguard in pushing energy storage technologies onto the power grid is now official.. See more >>